Our Houses

278B. Northway Road

Prospect, Waterfalls, Harare

Property Details

4000 Square Meters

12 Bedrooms

Parking Space

Family Villa

7 Bathrooms

26 Guests


We are 5.9km from RGM International Airport, 7.6km from the City Centre, 1.2km or 3minutes from Prospect Palms Private Maternity Hospital, PHD Prayer Mountain is 1.2km on our left and the PHD Yadah Hotel is 2.4km on our right at number 168 Smuts Road and the Community Development Technology Trust (CDT) centre is 300m away.

Metro Peech and Browne Wholesalers is 4.3km away, the Catholic University is 3.4km away. Splendour Gardens is 1.3km away, 5km from The New Frontiers Gardens and 2.3km from Mcintosh Gardens.Also Winners Chapel is 1.0km or 3 minutes away from us.